My Baby Milestones App Design & Development

January 18, 2020

Countless Ways To Make Baby Memories Adorable

My Baby Milestones was an absolute pioneer in their niche, being the first startup to give young moms and dads a way to turn their first experiences with their baby into a fun story in social medias. Many saw the startup's success and soon the AppStore and Play Market got flooded with apps alike. Unfortunately, the company that started it all didn't make it to this day, but at least we can tell a story of how awesome it was to be part of it.

The Problem

After getting popular among young parents around the world, My Baby Milestones, a fast-growing startup from the UK, invited us to rebuild their app completely and match the new quality standards in order for them to promote it as their premium product worldwide.

The Solution

We have updated the user interface and came up with animated stickers mechanics which became the app's signature feature and the first of its kind on the AppStore. The app once again raised in 'Top Paid' charts around the world with thousands of 5-star reviews from happy users.

The new app's UI.
Vertical navigation was one of the early decisions that proved to be great UX.
Animated stickers were meant to encourage people take more Live Photos on their iPhones, making it super-easy to add drawn animations on top of them in My Baby Milestones app.

Demo Video