THRIVE App Design & Development

January 12, 2020

Pet Health Tracking & Management In Your Pocket

THRIVE's approach to quality vet care is different. They believe all pets deserve quality veterinary care and their aim is to make routine care for pets affordable. What makes them truly stand out on the market is the way they employ innovative approaches and invest in technology to reduce costs rather than trying to cut quality of the services. This makes a premium-level vet care accessible by anyone.

The Problem

After moving all operations onto the new system unlike anything vet industry had before, THRIVE's productivity, affordability and customer satisfaction skyrocketed and turned a promising healthcare startup into a huge chain with many locations across the states. However, most of their online presence and interaction with customers stayed in the web, which is.. well, not where people spend their time nowadays mostly. It was the perfect time to strengthen the existing success by giving people something they'll actually enjoy using daily to track their pets' health in a fun and easy way and not just turn to THRIVE when times for their little friends become tough.

It's about time to deliver the services to the clients' pockets in all these states!

The Solution

With the introduction of the app clients became able not only to manage appointments and interact with THRIVE's nearest location on the go, but also have all the important aspects of their pets' health gathered and updated in a smart way in one place.

Things like Vaccination history, Medications tracking, Lab Test Result updates, or simply Vitals measurements are all there to be aware of. If there is anything critical you need to know about, such as microchip or vaccination expiration, or maybe a potential danger for a pet to be infected in your area — the app is going to make sure to deliver it to you and provide you with instant options to resolve the situation by booking a relevant appointment at the nearest THRIVE location, or simply giving you the information on handling things yourself.

All the sensitive data is located and protected by Face or Fingerprint identification, letting you enjoy the convenience of keeping your little friends happy without worrying about security.

Modern healthcare can be fun, convenient, secure and affordable. Woof!