TMG Project Center Design & Development

January 12, 2020

Construction Projects Management On iPad

TMG Construction is a leading design/builder and general contractor serving institutional, governmental, and military clients. TMG specializes in new construction, renovations and additions, and facilities maintenance support under Lump Sum, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Task Order and Job Order contracts. The company's projects have involved millions of square feet of renovations and new construction ranging from comprehensive interior build-outs to complex system upgrades to mission-critical technology installations in high-profile facilities.

The Problem

The client has a complex proprietary project management system that is functioning for years and was conceived long before people started taking portable devices seriously. At that time creating a Web application was an obvious and progressive choice for user interface, so the system's evolution went that direction.

Being a construction company, TMG has many construction sites physically spread along the east coast of the US, and the personnel is required to stay connected to the project management system and update it with new data while performing duties such as quality and safety inspections, construction supervision, resolving issues occurring on various stages of a project and more. The company started using iPads to partially solve the problem, but the software still had user interface incompatible with multi-touch devices and their screen layouts.

This need for a smoother, more portable experience combined with potential of having most of the existing peripheral tools for communication and documents collaboration replaced by in-app functionality, as well as taking advantage of the hardware and services coming with mobile platforms, eventually led to the idea of creating a mobile application that does it all.

The old User Interface has seen a lot and deserves retirement!

The Solution

The new iOS application presents itself as a modern, responsive and intuitive user interface employing state-of-the-art mobile technologies under the hood.

TMG has their system engineered by another company called Integrum Ops, so we had to work closely and make sure the back and the front ends connect smoothly for the magic to happen. We started with careful examination of the existing user experiences in the Web version and the system use cases and processes behind them. After getting the full picture we got to brainstorming the best ways to get things done on the mobile screen.

Some of this stuff will never get to the final product.

Many design iterations later we have all the essential features just a few taps away. Not only the navigation is intuitive for anyone who worked with the Web version, but the app is also integrated with the countless ways to import or share the data, including smart sensors and algorithms doing a decent part of what users had to do manually as part of their daily routine.

The new clean, intuitive and fun way to interact with the complex system behind the interface.

Giving the users a way to interact more efficiently with the data is just the beginning of the bigger plan to modernize the technological stack. After completing the first version of the app, Orbitum Labs keeps working together with TMG system engineers on the future of data collection and processing.

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